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Seek for opportunity don’t wait for it!

When it comes to opportunity, it is often born out of action verses in-action, in fact I was recently reminded of this theme during a training course I went on, where it reminded me that opportunity is not static, it is very much active! Meaning it requires action to activate its properties!

In other words opportunity will not rise without you doing something for it!

Too often we wait and see what happens, we wait for that dream job, that dream house, dream partner and dream life to greet us at the front door and hand us those dreams with a smile.

I'm sorry to reveal, but that parcel ain’t coming your way, not tomorrow, not next week, never!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but true meaningful opportunity doesn’t just turn up at your front door like an online order ready to be unpacked. No way, that is not how it works (or at least how I have experienced it). What needs to be done is for you to be able to seek out opportunity rather than wait for it. That means putting in the work in areas that will get you closer to your ideal opportunity.

Let us take a classic example of an opportunity most of us if not all us have thought about, talked about or wanted at some point of our professional career, that example being a classic opportunity for a pay raise.

So let us start with why you deserves a pay rise? Well it's pretty simple right, because you’ve worked damn hard, been hitting goals and key performance indicators or KPI's and are a great team player, so why not a raise? However months and even years go by and still no raise? No opportunity to even discuss it, what’s going on?.

What's going on is, you haven’t done the work. Now let me clarify work for a second, this is not the work as in the work of your actual role or responsibility, but the work as in communicating with the right people, or clearly communicating your intentions of getting a raise. You see opportunity often is a by product of doing more than the status quo. Just hitting targets & being a great team player may not be enough, what you need to do is communicate your worth, communicate your intentions and work on a plan to execute in a collaborative process rather than a "I deserve an opportunity or in this case pay rise" type of mindset.

The other point I want to make when it comes to opportunity is that you need to be OPEN to opportunity. Open in the sense of having a open mindset, and open attitude. Like the example I gave earlier, thinking you deserve a raise is a closed mindset and a closed attitude. However if you approached it with a open mindset and attitude it will automatically get you thinking differently about the question of "I want a raise, or I deserve a raise" to instead questions that sound a bit more like this; "what can I do to earn the respect of my manager or company so that they can hear my concerns of not getting a raise", or "why would they give me a raise, what would I need to do differently in order to get more money".

You see how quickly what an open mind and attitude can do to an opportunity. Now I am not stating or guaranteeing that simply having this change in perspectives will automatically result in a raise, but what I am eluding to is the ability to SEEK out the opportunity, to verify, to validate your position. Basically you a prepping and asking yourself am I willing to do the work for this opportunity, or am I just expecting it to knock on my door.

So to quickly conclude this weeks blog, opportunities aren't going to turn up at your door, you need to work on opportunities rather than staying on the status quo, and finally you need to have an open mind and attitude towards an opportunity rather than a closed mindset or a "I expect this opportunity to happen" mindset.

As always love to hear your thoughts on this blog, or if you have any topics we should cover in the future then drop me a line at michael@momettas.com.

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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