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Why perfection is a mythical creature!

I hate the idea of perfection!


Because it trapped me into “I’m never good enough” mindset, and evidently got me chasing the elusiveness that is known as "perfection".

The trouble with chasing perfection is it doesn’t exist and secondly if you somehow managed to chase down that mythical creature and capture it, then you fall into a bigger trap which is the "stop growing and evolving" mindset.

The problem of course is this idea that perfection is attached to some form of happiness, and by chasing perfection it creates the "if" and "when" perspective, which is the "IF I have the perfect job I'll be so much happier and my life will be so much better!" or "WHEN we have the prefect home, we'll be able to build the best memories!".

You see when we this perspective rises from chasing perfection it only ever leads to more challenges, the reason being is, we never get to the root cause of the problem all we are doing is feeding into the "surface-values" or tangible things.

If you are to tackle perfection, tackle it in a manner that it benefits you and that you control the narrative.

What do I mean by this?

Well, we can still have motivation towards perfection, but instead of it being the be-all-end-all, let it SERVE YOU as a guideline or framework towards more meaningful values.

For example, lets take the "perfect home" scenario. Instead of saying "WHEN I get the perfect home, we'll be able to build the best memories", rather view the perfect home through this perspective;

"A perfect home is nice to have especially if we can have a bigger home with the perfect kitchen, BUT what's more important to me is ensuring our home is a place where our children and family can be safe, secure and create loving memories to look back on, not a place that had the biggest kitchen,(although that would be nice), but even nicer is a kitchen that teaches our children life skills such as cooking a hearty meal or continuing a family recipe handed down from generations, a kitchen that bonded mothers and daughters through baking, a home that had rooms filled with photos and paintings plastered across the walls showing a timeline of personal growth and the sweetest of memories reminding us of all the love shared in this home".

You see the difference? Perfection if used right can create the motivational perspective to fuel a gratitude mindset and the key to creating the motivational perspective is to "one-up" the perfection statement.

For example, acknowledging that a big home would be nice, but then using the words "even nicer" creates that motivation to go beyond the the "surface-value" and looks through to the meaningful value, evidently bridging the gap between "surface-values" and "meaningful-values".

So evidently don't chase the mythical creature that is "perfection" because it will drain you and lead you down the path of "surface-value" attachment. Instead use perfection to help motivate your perspective and therefore create a position of gratitude.

As always feel free to drop me a line at michael@momettas.com for any future topics you want to read, or valuable feedback to help me make this blog even better.

Till next week,

Michael Basagre

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