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Why you don't need experience to succeed!

I remember when I first entered the work force after finishing University and how fresh-faced and naive I was. I assumed that my degree would automatically get me my dream job and I was set for life! The reality was I spent nearly 8 month in a process of job rejection, in fact I wrote a little piece about that transition here.

Anyway, the common theme that continued to to plague my rejection was the following "sorry, you don't have enough experience".

I mean literally, every job I went for ended with the words 'not enough experience!'.

I was so deflated and felt like crap, but in looking back at that process they were right! I didn't have the experience to do the jobs I was applying for. A massive part of that was my fault, Why? Because I had created in my mind that I deserved and expected these jobs, and the harsh reality was I didn't deserve it and I shouldn't have expected, especially on the back end of a degree!

The reality is you do need experience, but the other reality is that you don't. You see in my particular situation the interviewers were measuring my experience on how many years I had worked in that particular industry and the reality is I had none! With that being said experience is not based purely on just 'how many years you've worked'. You see gaining experience shouldn't be an exercise of just accumulating years, it should be defined by what impact, value and contribution you are accumulating within those years you are working.

For example, say you need to undergo some form of major surgery and you had the option to choose the surgeon, the first surgeon has 20 years experience and the other 10 years? You read both bios and they both seem relatively accomplished, but then you learn that the 20 year surgeon has only done 20 surgery's in his two decades of being a surgeon? In other other words one surgery per year! You then learn that the 10 year surgeon has done over 200 surgery's in their 10 year experience.

The question is who would you choose knowing what you know?

My guess is you'd select the 10 year surgeon and my guess as to why would be because he or she has done more surgery's, verses the other one who only picks up the surgical knife once a year!

My point here is experience is not defined by just the amount of years you work, and often the measure of a job application is the amount of years, and as much as I get the measure I personally I would like this to change and would love if job descriptions reflected experience based on knowledge, impact and value gained in the amount of time rather than the other way round.

The other point is experience is in fact something you gain by doing, there is no hidden that fact, but meaningful and valuable experience is more about being involved, being actively engaged in the work that you do and not simply clocking in and clocking out, that's not experience, that's what I call going through the motions!

In order to gain experience that matters and that lands you the great job you deserve, you need to take on a growth mindset that enables you to develop a learning attitude.

At the end of the day we all have the same amount of time available to us and the ones that truly succeed are continuously looking for opportunity to learn and do more, and when they do, they gain experience!

Till next time,

Michael Basagre

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