Help discover your students next steps

Students have one of the toughest transitions to succeed. The pressure to have the right friends, have the right grades, be liked and make their families proud, create's a lot of confusion and uncertainty around what they should do next

Sometimes to get the best out of your students they need to discover a desire beyond the pressures of school and life. 

We'll help you create a process where your students can open up about what's really important to them, and how they can achieve some personal goals.

Goals that help drive a passion for self education, which instills a set of skills that take learning to a new level.


Group discussions is a great way to help drive communication, and help deliver a message. Whether its to help deliver some motivation, help inspire some confidence or simply to inform your students on specific goal for the term, year or next stage of their life post school. 

Momettas will help deliver this message either in a keynote style or in a more relaxed class room environment.


Using our one on one discovery session process, we will spend time with your selected students on helping them with a range of goals, and helping them drive their own personal success.

We can help students with CV's, Goal Setting & Career Pathways. This is a powerful tool that enables your students to secure the personal success during their school years and post school education. 

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